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  • Greenbrier Chapel

    The Greenbrier Chapel

For over two centuries, The Greenbrier has not only thrived but also evolved to embrace changing times while upholding the foundations on which we were built. In September 2015, a milestone was celebrated with the inauguration of The Greenbrier Chapel — a new endeavor that echoes its storied past. This 12,000 square foot timber frame sanctuary boasts elegant stained-glass windows, pristine white clapboard siding, a copper roof, and a steeple, and offers seating for up to 500 guests in a comfortable pew-style arrangement.

Nestled within The Greenbrier’s North Lawn, The Greenbrier Chapel harmoniously integrates with the historic architecture and natural beauty of its surroundings. In addition to its charming exterior, this chapel adds a touch of modern romanticism through custom chandeliers. It also caters to contemporary needs with features like private rooms for the wedding party and ADA accessibility, including an elevator.

The Greenbrier Chapel extends an open invitation to couples of all beliefs and backgrounds, offering a setting where vows can be exchanged in a private, luxurious wedding experience that reflects the stature of a world-class resort. In this sacred space, history and the future unite, creating a place where timeless promises are made in an atmosphere of elegance and reverence.

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