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    Elevated In-Room Amenities

At The Greenbrier, you’ll find everything you’d expect from a luxury resort and then some. But we know that true luxury goes beyond bells and whistles — it’s about creating moments of delight through personalized experiences and services. Explore our collection of in-room and add-on amenities, curated with care.

The Candy Maker
Rose on a bed

Special Touches & Personalized Amenities


Chocolate Showpiece: Price Varies

Our chocolates are carefully handcrafted by our award-winning pastry team led by Executive Pastry Chef and U.S. Chocolate Master Jean-Francois Suteau.

Cookies & Milk: $25*

Large chocolate chip, oatmeal, & peanut butter cookie, and ice-cold milk.

Greenbrier Basket: $79*

Fiesta Sunshine, old-fashioned peanut squares, chocolate espresso beans, caramel puffs, toffee pecans, salted nut mix, peanut butter buckeyes, and cheese wafers.

Signature Basket: $99*

Sea salt caramels, chocolate blueberries, bloody mary cashews, bourbon maple nuts, pistachios, super trail mix, English toffee, chocolate cherries, Skittles, and two chocolate oranges.

Movie Time: $49*

Two boxes of popcorn, Reese’s cups, a Caramello candy bar, Gobstoppers, Mike & Ikes, gummi bears, peanut M&M’s, a Kit Kat bar, and four cans of soda.

Fanatic Pack: $59*

BBQ pork rinds, kettle corn, siracha puffs, salt & vinegar chips, honey mustard pretzels, gochujang beef jerky, original beef jerky, chipotle beef jerky, mixed nuts, wasabi mix, and four cans of soda.

Lovers Experience: $119*

Half-bottle of Moét & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé, chocolate-covered strawberries, macarons, chocolate bon bons, and a custom chocolate bar.

Flowers & Balloons: Price Varies

Cakes: Price Varies

Rose Petal Turndown: $30**

* Gratuity, tax, and Historic Preservation Fund are additional.
** Gratuity, tax, Historic Preservation Fund, and Delivery Fee are additional.
The Candy Maker