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  • The Greenbrier Golf Academy

Refine your swing, fine-tune your technique, or tee off for the first time at The Greenbrier Golf Academy. Take your game to new heights with personalized coaching from our world-class instructors with private lessons, full swing and short game clinics, on-course lessons, and retreats. It’s a place to sharpen your skills and embrace the spirit of the sport in a setting unlike any other.

Elevate Your Golf Game


Private Lessons

Tailored to your specific needs and experience, our one-on-one sessions are designed to improve every aspect of your game. Whether you’re aiming to improve your swing or elevate your short game, our skilled team is here to help you achieve your golfing goals.

Playing Lessons

Take it from the range to the green. Step onto the course with one of our expert instructors for a two-hour session for up to four golfers and enjoy personalized guidance and insights on course strategy, club and shot selection, and even the mental game.

Full Swing Clinics

In this game-enhancing group clinic, golfers will focus on the fundamentals. From perfecting your address position to achieving a better ball flight pattern, this clinic is tailored to novices, intermediates, and advanced players alike. Even in a group dynamic, our instructors maintain an individualized focus with a 4-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring you receive personalized guidance throughout.

Short Game Clinics


Elevate your skills with a comprehensive group clinic focused on the art of the short game. From honing your putting precision to perfecting your chipping, pitching, and sand shots, this clinic is tailored to golfers of all levels. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 4-to-1, you’ll enjoy a balanced blend of personalized attention, shared learning, and camaraderie with fellow golfers.

Golf Academy Rates

$180 for 1 adult per hour | $220 for 2 adults per hour
$125 for 1 junior per hour | $165 for 2 junior golfers per hour

This hour can include extensive video and computer analysis, as well as a specific plan for ongoing improvement. This is the perfect way to help you get course-ready.

1-hour session – $75 per student

Our Full Swing Clinics and Short Game Clinics are tailored to novices, intermediates, and advanced players alike. Even in a group dynamic, our instructors maintain an individualized focus with a 4-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring you receive personalized guidance throughout.

(The Meadows & Greenbrier Courses) | 2-Hour Session | $500 ($250 per additional student. Maximum of 4 students.)

This session offers two hours of on-course learning with your personal instructor, a brief analysis of the current state of your golf game, and on-course video analysis emailed or texted to your choice location. Cart and green fees for 18 holes are included after 11:00 am.

(Express Levels 1 & 2) | 2-hour session | $250 private session ($175 per additional student)

Learn how to read the greens like the pros. This technique is used by most caddies and players on the PGA and LPGA Tours. The Aimpoint Express method efficiently finds the perfect line and matching pace to help you make more putts.

Certified PGA Teaching Professional Steven Cox is known for his coaching and developing a wide range of players of all ages and abilities. As an Egoscue Certified Postural Practitioner and TPI Level 3 Golf Coach, Steven delivers long-term player development programs with measurable results for all ability levels. His immersive technology-driven approach demystifies golf mechanics, and he excels in transferring knowledge through kinesthetic learning. Steven is also an Aimpoint Green Reading Certified Instructor. Outside of golf, he enjoys family time, fly fishing, and being on the water.

Learn Golf With Steven Cox

Certified PGA Teaching Professional Steven Cox is known for his coaching and developing a wide range of players of all ages and abilities. As an Egoscue Certified Postural Practitioner and TPI Level 3 Golf Coach, Steven delivers long-term player development programs with measurable results for all ability levels. His immersive technology-driven approach demystifies golf mechanics, and he excels in transferring knowledge through kinesthetic learning. Steven is also an Aimpoint Green Reading Certified Instructor. Outside of golf, he enjoys family time, fly fishing, and being on the water.

Golf Digest #1 Instructor in West Virginia

Retreat Lessons

5 hours of instruction | $1100 ($750 per additional student)

Elevate your golf game with a Private Full Day Lesson led by our Director of Instruction. Instruction from 9:00am to 12:00pm, followed by a lunch break, then afternoon playing lesson from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. This personalized experience includes comprehensive video and data-driven analysis, as well as complete short game instruction in our private area. We’ll even send you video recordings and a practice plan via email, ensuring continuous improvement beyond your time at the Greenbrier Golf Academy.

10 hours of instruction | $2100 ($900 per additional student)

Instruction from 9:00am to 12:00pm, followed by a lunch break, then afternoon playing lesson from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for two days. This program is ideal for those seeking to refine their fundamentals and boost their performance. Engage in in-depth instruction covering both the full swing and short game aspects, complemented by advanced launch monitor assessments and comprehensive video analysis. Craft a personalized improvement plan and embark on a transformative golfing experience that will enhance your playing ability and leave you with a stronger game on the course.

15 hours of instruction | $3000 ($1500 per additional student)

Embark on a transformational golf journey with Three-Day Golf Retreat, an immersive 18-hour instruction program designed to elevate your game to new heights. Led by our esteemed Director of Instruction, this retreat offers a unique learning experience that transcends traditional golf lessons.

Instruction from 9:00am to 12:00pm, followed by a lunch break, then afternoon playing lesson from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for three days. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of the game, including extensive full swing and short game training. Beyond technique, this retreat offers practical on-course instruction, providing the perfect setting to apply newfound skills. Delve into your swing with cutting-edge technology, including video analysis, launch monitor assessments, and 3D evaluations. Walk away with a personalized improvement plan, ensuring that your progress extends well beyond the retreat itself.

Mini School Lessons

3 hours of instruction | $525 ($175 per additional student)

Refine your full swing technique with the Greenbrier Golf Academy’s three-hour session tailored for adult players and designed to cater to your individual needs. Through expert guidance, you’ll receive personalized attention and comprehensive instruction. The session incorporates a detailed online V1 Golf analysis, offering insights into your swing mechanics, identifying any faults, and providing effective solutions for improvement.

6 hours of instruction | $1000 ($300 per additional student)

Delve into both the intricacies of the short game and the dynamics of the full swing with half-day sessions devoted to each. As part of this package, benefit from video swing analysis and receive a personalized practice plan to foster your growth as a player. Our cutting-edge resources, including launch monitors, pressure analysis, and 3D motion evaluation, further aid in enhancing your shot precision and power.

9 hours of instruction | $1400 ($400 per additional student)

Enroll in our comprehensive Three-Day Mini School and unlock a world of golf improvement tools. Benefit from video swing analysis and receive a tailored practice plan to elevate your skills over the course of three days. For an in-depth understanding of your game, our program offers access to launch monitors, pressure analysis, and 3D motion analysis to enhance your shot accuracy and power.

Day 1: Full Swing Irons
Day 2: Full Swing Woods
Day 3: Short Game (Wedges, Putting, and Bunkers)

3 hours of instruction | $525 ($175 per additional student)

Designed for adults to improve chipping, pitching, bunker play, and putting techniques, the scoring school is hosted in an ideal learning environment — our private short game area. The half-day session includes a detailed online V1 Golf analysis of putting and pitching concepts for beginners to advanced players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Whether you’re a beginner without clubs or simply prefer to travel light, we provide rental equipment free of charge for those attending The Greenbrier Golf Academy.

While walk-ins are accepted, we recommend making a tee time in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak hours. You can easily book online or call us.

Embracing the tradition of the sport, we kindly request that you adhere to proper golf attire while attending The Greenbrier Golf Academy. Acceptable attire includes collared sports shirts, golf sweaters, shirts or blouses, slacks, golf shorts, Bermuda shorts, and knickers. Denim is not permitted.

Yes, we have a fully stocked pro shop offering golf apparel, equipment, accessories, and more. It’s the perfect place to find what you need for your game or a keepsake to take home.

You have the choice. If you have a preferred caddy, you’re more than welcome to bring them along. Alternatively, we offer the convenience of providing professional caddies who are well-versed in our courses. We recommend booking a caddy in advance so that we can accommodate your preferences seamlessly.

Fairway Finder

Find your way to and around our four championship-caliber resort courses, The Greenbrier Golf Academy, and our wealth of exceptional on-property golf amenities.


Aerial Adventure Course

Whether you’re a solo thrill-seeker or part of a team, our Aerial Adventure Course promises both exhilaration and inspiration.


Adventure Zone

The kids-only adventure zone is the perfect activity to keep little ones aged three to ten entertained.

Alpine Climbing Tower

Alpine Climbing Tower

Scale new summits with our Alpine Climbing Tower adventure.



Enjoy an array of games, from skeet ball to basketball and classic arcade-style amusements.

bike renting activity

Bike Rentals

Embrace the opportunity to take in the breathtaking mountain scenery at your own pace.

bowling activity


Strike up some fun with eight lanes, built-in kiddie bumpers, a jukebox, and televisions to watch the game.

Jewelry Making Workshop

Bracelet & Jewelry Making Workshop at “Gem and I”

Take home a truly unique memory of your stay at The Greenbrier with your own handcrafted piece of 14k gold or sterling silver jewelry.


Winter Carriage / Sleigh Ride

When The Greenbrier’s 11,000-acre landscape is cloaked in a blanket of snow, it creates the perfect setting for partaking in one of the season’s most picturesque pastimes.



Make your way to our meticulously groomed lawns for a friendly game of croquet or a spirited tournament.

Dancing with DJ in 42 Below

Dancing with DJ in 42 Below in The Casino Club

Join us at The Greenbrier’s coolest spot for a cocktail while a live DJ sets the rhythm.


Debunked Escape Room

Explore the depths of The Greenbrier’s secret bunker like never before.


E-Bike Tour

Effortlessly explore the scenic beauty of The Greenbrier’s 11,000 acres with a pedal-assisted e-bike tour.

Fairy & Gnome Workshop

Fairy & Gnome Workshop

Create your own keepsake garden landscape with the guidance of experts during this one-hour instructional seminar.


Falconry: Beginner Lesson

Learn the history behind this sport of kings, which has been enjoyed for more than 4,000 years.



Enjoy fly fishing or catch-and-release fishing for trophy trout and smallmouth bass.


Fitness Center & Classes

Our Fitness Center offers the perfect solution for staying active and rejuvenated.



Geocaching offers a unique way to explore our 11,000-acre property while indulging your spirit of adventure.

Greenbrier River Trail Ride

Greenbrier River Trail Ride

Escape into the tranquility of the awe-inspiring Allegheny Mountains with an invigorating bike ride.

Greenbrier Scavenger Hunt

Greenbrier Scavenger Hunt

Experience a fusion of collaboration and competition in a race across, through, and around The Greenbrier with the Greenbrier Scavenger Hunt.

gun club

Gun Club

Experience three combination trap and skeet fields, a ten-station sporting clays course, and private shooting lessons at one of the popular pastimes at America’s Resort.


Horseback Riding

Experience an expertly guided journey through ten miles of trails, providing a unique and unforgettable way to explore The Greenbrier’s enchanting landscape.


Indoor Pool

The Greenbrier resort pool is an indoor oasis that beckons year-round for a refreshing dip.

The Chapel

Informal Ecumenical Service in The Greenbrier Chapel

Join us for a casual and inclusive Informal Ecumenical Service at The Greenbrier Chapel.

Jeep Driving Adventure

Slide into the driver’s seat of a specialized Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and immerse yourself in the scenery that inspired John Denver to call West Virginia “almost heaven.”



Embark on a water adventure with a guided kayaking paddling clinic.


Lamplight Glass Art Glass Blowing Observation

Step inside the “hot shop” and enjoy a live glassmaking demonstration by our master glassmaker and team at Lamp Light Glass Art.


Lamplight Glass Art Glass Blowing Experience

Experience the art of glass blowing at the Lamp Light Glass Art “hot shop”.


Mountaineer Experience

The Mountaineer Experience in the woods of Greenbrier Mountain provides guests with an opportunity to learn about some of the area’s favorite outdoor pursuits


Outdoor Infinity Pool

Our outdoor pool offers an exceptional warm-weather experience, merging scenic views, refreshing water, delicious food, and ample sunshine.


Paintball Challenge

Experience the thrill of indoor and outdoor action with a variety of game scenarios, guaranteeing a high-energy game filled with excitement.



Experience the fun of pickleball — one of the country’s fastest-growing sports — at The Greenbrier’s dedicated courts, located inside the Tennis and Fitness Center.


Polaris RZR Driving Adventure

Get behind the wheel of the most extreme off-road vehicle on the planet and explore the majestic mountains of West Virginia and The Greenbrier’s private 11,000-acre mountain preserve.


Polaris Slingshot Driving Adventure

Experience a drive unlike anything you’ve imagined with a scenic journey through the winding hills and valleys of West Virginia in a futuristic Polaris Slingshot.


Segway Tours

Glide effortlessly around The Greenbrier’s grand resort grounds on a self-balancing, battery-powered Segway.



Take a step back in time with a classic pastime — shuffleboard.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Take in the crystal-clear water and majestic mountain vistas with a sunny afternoon of stand-up paddle boarding.


Teddy Bear Mountain

There’s no better-beloved keepsake for kids of all ages than a stuffed animal at Teddy Bear Mountain


Tennis Club – Indoor Facilities

Whatever the weather, head inside to five modern Deco-Turf indoor courts at the state-of-the-art Tennis and Fitness Center.


Tennis Club – Outdoor Facilities

Enjoy a year-round play for the tennis lover at our state-of-the-art Tennis Club.


Virtu Glass Fusing Experience

Immerse yourself in the art of glass fusing at the new Virtu “Made by You” Studio located at The Greenbrier Art Colony Shops.


Virtu Sandblasting Experience

Receive an education in the art of sandblasting at the new Virtu “Made by You” Studio located at The Greenbrier Art Colony Shops.

Bunker Tours

Carved deep into the mountainside is The Greenbrier’s declassified bunker, an emergency Cold War fallout shelter. Once top-secret, now an unforgettable tour.

President's Cottage Museum

Presidents’ Cottage Museum

Built in 1835, each room of this historic residence tells a different story of The Greenbrier’s incredible history through impeccably preserved memorabilia and photographs.


The Old White

A legend of golf history at The Greenbrier, our resort’s first 18-hole course has played host to countless legends among its tight, tree-lined fairways and undulating greens.


The Greenbrier

This challenging, heavily-wooded course — redesigned in 1977 by Jack Nicklaus — is the only resort course in the world to host both the Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup.


The Meadows

After undergoing dramatic remodeling in 2017, The Meadows features dynamic green complexes, breathtaking mountain vistas, and stacked sod bunkers throughout.


The Ashford Short Course

Perfect your short game at this nine-hole walking course and the Greenbrier’s newest golf offering, featuring designs from some of the most famous holes in the sport.

winter golf

Indoor Golf

Rain, shine, or snow, you can perfect your technique, book a private lesson, or enjoy a round with friends at legendary courses from around the world using our cutting-edge TruGolf E6 Golf Simulator

American Artisan

American Artisan

Discover a world of rustic and refined craftsmanship at American Artisan.


Art Colony Shops

Step into a world of history and art at the Art Colony Shops, located in the storied Alabama Row cottages.

Babydog Boutique

Babydog Boutique

From leads and leashes to coats and collars, Babydog Boutique is the place to treat your furry family member.



Find specialty sportswear, formal wear, showstopping accessories, and beyond at the refined Bellissima boutique.

Christmas Shop

Christmas Shop at the Depot

Shop brands like RAZ Imports, Christopher Radko, and Byers’ Choice in a festive atmosphere.

Crepe Myrtle Bags & Beads

Crepe Myrtle Bags & Beads

Whether you’re in pursuit of the perfect bag, scarf, piece of jewelry, or stylish purse, Crepe Myrtle offers a curated selection of the latest trends and enduring classics.

Dorothy Draper Home

Dorothy Draper Home

For over 75 years, Dorothy Draper & Company has styled The Greenbrier with bold colors and iconic florals that you can now bring home.

Fizzys Land of Oz

Fizzy’s Land of Oz

Fantasy becomes reality at Fizzy’s Land of Oz, an out-of-the-ordinary toy store focused on learning and imagination for kids of all ages.

Flying High

Flying High

Fun prints, luxe fabrics, stunning silhouettes — shop the latest in women’s resort wear at Flying High.


Gem and I

This unique jewelry studio offers jewelry-making workshops, handcrafted jewelry, other accessories, and original paintings.

Gibsons Studio

Gibson’s Studio

Step into a world where the beauty of nature’s creations is transformed into remarkable pieces of artistry.


Gillespie’s Flowers & Productions, Inc.

The Gillespie’s have served guests of The Greenbrier with fresh-cut flowers, blooming plants, and specialty decor for nearly 100 years.

Golf Pro Shop at The Golf Club

Golf Pro Shop at The Golf Club

Elevate your on-course experience with a visit to The Golf Pro Shop at The Golf Club.

Greenbrier Avenue Jewelry

Greenbrier Avenue Jewelry

Greenbrier Avenue Jewelry is a dazzling destination for luxury men’s and women’s designer jewelry.

Greenbrier Avenue Ladies

Greenbrier Avenue Ladies

Greenbrier Avenue Ladies offers a fabulous collection of contemporary designer apparel and accessories.

Greenbrier Avenue Men's

Greenbrier Avenue Men’s

From fine suits to handcrafted accessories and luxury sportswear, Greenbrier Avenue Men’s has everything you need.


Jenuinely Jeni

Shop the intricate creations of fine artist, wildlife photographer, and sterling silver artisan Jeni Benos.

Kates Mountain Adventures

Kate’s Mountain Adventures

Kate’s Mountain Adventures is an outdoor activity center and retail shop featuring outdoor gear for fly fishing, equestrian activities, shooting sports, and off-road driving.

mountain apparel

Kate’s Mountain Apparel

Kate’s Mountain Apparel is the place to find the perfect technical clothing for your outdoor adventure.


Lamp Light Glass Art Studio

Find a unique collection of hand-blown art glass pieces meticulously crafted by skilled Lamp Light Glass artists and special guest artists.

My Sister's Circus

My Sister’s Circus

Shop a captivating collection of clothing, toys, accessories, and all things delightful for children of every age at My Sister’s Circus.

Outdoor pool aerial

Outdoor Swim Shop

Shop swimsuits for men, women, and children, water accessories, and sunscreen so you can stay sun-safe while you splash, swim, or lounge.

Perfect Image

Perfect Image

Discover a curated collection of makeup, skincare products, cosmetic tools, accessories, and designer fragrances for men and women.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Discover the epitome of timeless sophistication at The Greenbrier’s Ralph Lauren boutique.

Studio G Hair Salon

Studio G Hair Salon

Treat yourself to the professional touch of Studio G’s seasoned stylists and the luxury of Oribe and Wella products.

Tennis Shop

Tennis Shop

From top-notch racquets and professional tennis balls to stylish activewear, our shop offers an array of choices to elevate your on-court experience from top brands.

candy maker

The Candy Maker

Indulge your sweet tooth at The Candy Maker, a confectionery haven nestled within The Greenbrier.


The Doll House – Garden Shop

Enjoy the enchanting experience of creating your own fairy and gnome garden.

The Gourmet Shoppe

The Greenbrier Gourmet Shoppe

Stop by The Greenbrier Gourmet Shop, located inside The Greenbrier Gourmet, for freshly brewed coffee, pastries, sandwiches, fruit, and other snacks.

Shop At Tamarack

The Greenbrier Shop At Tamarack

Visit The Greenbrier Shop at the nearby Tamarack Marketplace, a premier artisan market, shopping destination, and cultural hub.

the Greenbrier Shoppe & Newsstand

The Greenbrier Shoppe & Newsstand

The Greenbrier Shoppe & Newsstand is your stop for iconic Greenbrier memorabilia.

The Spa Boutique

The Spa Boutique

Nothing beats a serene spa day, but The Greenbrier Spa Boutique can help you bring a piece — and the peace — of that experience to your home.

Virtu Art Glass


Find a truly unique creation at Virtu, featuring the handmade jewelry creations of Susan Chapman Thomas and the unique works of hot glass by artist Alex Brand.



Discover a modern collection of luxury designer shoes that blend comfort, style, and quality seamlessly.

42 Below

42 Below

Bring your dancing shoes — it’s no longer sleepy time down South. Join us at The Greenbrier’s coolest spot for a cocktail.

Cafe Carleton

Café Carleton

Step into a world of vintage glamour. Fine wine and spirits flow while live piano music and show tunes set the mood.

Lounge area


Savor the soulful flavors of the South and beloved Dorothy Draper recipes in a uniquely vibrant and colorful atmosphere.

Greenbrier Royale

Greenbrier Royale

Nestled inside the high-stakes section of the Greenbrier Casino, this is the perfect place to sip a cocktail between slots and games.

In Fusion


Small plates, big flavors. Discover Pan-Asian dishes made with seasonal local ingredients at this lively casino floor restaurant.

Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar

A place for perfectly crafted cocktails in good company. Mix and mingle in this grand gathering place adjacent to the Upper Lobby.

Main Dining Room

Main Dining Room

Experience the epitome of grand resort dining. Join us day and night and dine among dazzling chandeliers, stately columns, and arched windows.

Prime 44

Prime 44 West

Feast on the finest aged beef and fresh seafood at our classic steak house honoring NBA legend and West Virginia native Jerry West.

Ryder Cup Snack Bar

Ryder Cup Snack Bar

Stop by our fully stocked snack bar for light bites, beverages, and grab-and-golf snacks before, during, and after your round.

Slammin Sammy

Slammin’ Sammy’s

Overlooking our picturesque golf courses, our elevated sports bar is the perfect place to watch the game or play shuffleboard.

Sam Sneads

Sam Snead’s

With stunning views of the courses, this relaxed dining destination at The Golf Club offers an à la carte menu featuring wood-fired favorites.

Springhouse Smoothies

Springhouse Smoothies

Fuel your day with the wholesome goodness of custom-blended fresh fruit and vegetables at our smoothie shop.

The Forum

The Forum

Hand-tossed Neapolitan pizza, handpicked tomatoes from our garden, and fresh burrata — experience the essence of Italy.

The Greenbrier Gourmet & Coffee Bar

The Greenbrier Gourmet & Coffee Bar

Your stop for freshly brewed coffee, pastries, sandwiches, fruit, and browsing The Greenbrier’s signature product line.

The Pizza Shoppe

The Pizza Shoppe

Savor a slice of culinary perfection from the comfort of your home away from home with our gourmet pizza delivery service.

Tree Tops Cafe

Tree Tops Café

Lounge by our outdoor infinity pool and indulge in an elevated picnic of classic summertime fare with this family-friendly, al fresco seasonal dining experience.

Twelve Oaks

Twelve Oaks

Toast your luck with a cocktail or cordial in the epitome of Southern charm. This high-end lounge is distinguished by its elegant equestrian theme.