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    Historic Preservation Fund

From the moment our first guests arrived in 1778, drawn by the allure of the town’s mineral springs, The Greenbrier has been a cherished destination for travelers seeking unparalleled luxury and timeless beauty. As a National Historic Landmark and an esteemed resort with a legacy spanning over two centuries, we proudly embrace our role as stewards of its past and thanks to the History Preservation Fund, protectors of its future.


Your Contribution


Dedicated to preserving our rich heritage, we’ve established the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) — a 9.75% fee included in your stay — to safeguard and enhance the landscapes, buildings, and amenities that have shaped The Greenbrier. The HPF also paves the way for continuous improvements and sustainable practices that align with our commitment to the future.

By contributing to the HPF, guests play an active role in protecting the landmarks that define The Greenbrier experience. The proceeds from this fund have far-reaching impacts, extending beyond the resort’s boundaries to our surrounding communities. This investment bolsters local economies, supports environmental conservation efforts, and fosters educational initiatives. By preserving our past, we create a foundation for future guests to explore, appreciate, and forge their own meaningful ties to our storied heritage.

Historic Preservation Fund

Recent Restoration Projects

  • Spring Row Legacy Cottages
  • The Greenbrier Chapel
  • President’s Estate Home, built in 1912
  • Baltimore Row Legacy Cottages, built in the 1830s
  • Preservation and improvements to Alabama Row Legacy Cottages, built in the 1830s
  • Preservation and improvements to Paradise Row Legacy Cottages, built in the 1820s
  • Preservation and improvements to Louisiana Row Legacy Cottages
  • Congressional Suite Terrace restoration, including roof deck replacement, new roof, new permanent awning structure, and décor upgrades
  • Windsor Club and Virginia Room preservation and improvements
  • Preservation and renovation of Valley View Estate Home
  • Restoration of window treatments in Cameo Ballroom
  • Indoor Tennis Facility
Flowers in a field

Future Restoration Projects

  • East & West Terrace Suites, built in 1931
  • Florida Legacy Cottage, built in 1858
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Dorothy Draper Suite