Fishing Off-Site

For guests who crave a little more adventure, and an opportunity to experience the beautiful countryside surrounding The Greenbrier, we offer a variety of offsite guided fishing trips.  Depending on the season, we offer float fishing trips, and half-day, or full-day wade fishing trips on the streams and rivers that flow through our beautiful region.

Wade trips for trout

First Light Outfitters offers several options for our guests, including both full and half day trips.  Our guides will take you to the best public streams in our area. We also have exclusive access on two private streams, both of which are a short drive from The Greenbrier.  Our main trout season is October to June, and during this time we guide both full and half day trips.  Our summer trout season is June through October, and during this time we only offer half day trips.  The public trout water in our area offers a mix of hatchery origin and wild and native fish.  Many of our streams are home to both rainbow and brown trout while several have robust populations of native Appalachian strain brook trout.  The private streams in our area are expertly managed for maximum fish numbers and maximum size.  All our trout fishing trips are fly fishing only, catch and release.

Float trips for smallmouth bass & musky

First Light Outfitters offers float fishing trips targeting both smallmouth bass, and musky.  We float The New, James, and Greenbrier Rivers, for both species.

The smallmouth bass fishing on our rivers is excellent, we have good numbers of fish and a balanced fishery that regularly produces large bass.  Pound for pound, smallmouth are one of the toughest fighting fish that swims, they take both flies, and conventional tackle with gusto. We start smallmouth fishing, in the spring, and continue through the summer.  The pre-spawn period in March and April produces fewer but larger fish, while the post-spawn period in June through October, produces more fish in any given day but fewer large fish.  Our spring smallmouth fishing focuses on conventional tackle and our summertime trips can be fly fishing, or light conventional tackle.   Summertime floats for smallmouth are some of our very best family trips, and a wonderful opportunity to introduce your kids to the great outdoors.
 In addition to smallmouth bass, our rivers are also home to one of the most challenging freshwater gamefish in North America: the musky.  This large, apex predator is not called “the fish of 10,000 casts” for nothing.  Capable of growing to over 4ft. in length, and existing in low numbers, this fish is a supreme challenge for any angler.  We focus on musky from October through March, then take a break during their spawn, and resume our pursuit from May through June or sometimes July, depending on water temperatures.  We do have a short overlap period when we can fish for both smallmouth and musky.  This is a wonderful time for anyone to give them a try.  Our dedicated musky-only floats are not for everyone, but if you are an angler looking to test yourself against one of the great gamefish in freshwater, they might be for you.  The majority of our musky anglers pursue these fish with heavy conventional tackle, but for the serious fly fisherman, looking for the ultimate test of their skill, First Light Outfitters specializes in musky on the fly.  

All musky and smallmouth bass floats are catch and release. 


Our pricing includes transportation to and from The Greenbrier, shuttles, all necessary equipment, and non-alcoholic drinks. Lunch is included on full day wade trips, and float trips.  Our half-day trips are typically 5 hours from pick-up to drop-off. Our full day wade trips are typically 10 hours from pick-up to drop-off.  We can adjust these times as your schedule dictates.  Our float trips vary from as little as 5 hours to as long as 15 hours from pick-up to drop-off, while most floats are 8 to 10 hours.  Duration will vary depending on the river we are fishing, time of year, and water levels.  There is no time limit on floats, we will customize the trip length to accommodate your schedule.
A valid fishing license is required for all trips and varies with location and trip.  The price for fishing trips does not include your fishing license, or stream fee, stream fees apply only to private water trips. 
Half-Day Wade/ 1 Person:  $ 225.00
Half-Day Wade/ 2 People:  $ 300.00
Full-Day Wade/ 1 Person:  $ 325.00
Full-Day Wade/ 2 People:  $ 450.00
Stream Fee for private water trips $125.00/per person. (same fee for full or half day trips)
Float: $450.00/per boat (boats accommodate 1 or 2 anglers)
We can accommodate larger groups on half-day wade trips, but we typically limit our group size on full-day wade trips, and floats trips, please contact us for more information.


For further information, and bookings, please contact Demian Wiles, Owner, First Light Outfitters, LLC.  (304) 661-4991.



Casual attire, including collared sport shirts, walking shorts, and jeans.