Jeni Benos

The Greenbrier Art Colony is pleased to welcome it’s newest artist Jeni Benos. Nature, horses, and country living inspire much of Jeni’s work. Her sterling silver jewelry & wildlife photography collections explore the subtlety of nature with various creatures interacting with each other and their environments in intriguing ways.
As a true artist, Jeni carves her cast deigns by hand in wax initially taking as much as 100 hours on a complex model. Many of the carving tools she uses are tools she created herself, typically in response to a project that requires an unusual shape or some very fine detail work. Once the wax model is complete, she can make a mold from it; this mold can then be injected with more wax.  Each production piece is investment cast in sterling silver and polished by hand for a flawless finish. 
Jeni’s fine arts photography portrays a number of concepts. Through her wildlife photography she strives to depict her subjects interacting with each other and their environments in intriguing ways.  While her strong macro portfolio captures aspects of the world that are so easily overlooked.  Jeni often presents these shots in subtle muted tones to highlight the emotional aspects of the composition. 
Jeni Benos located at The Greenbrier Art Colony Shops on Alabama Row