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The Greenbrier Loyalty Program

Terms & Conditions

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Loyalty Has Its Rewards

Earning Points

The Greenbrier Loyalty Program is a points-based system. Guests will earn various points per dollar spent on Greenbrier property including room nights and on-property sales that are charged to their room and paid for by the member at checkout. Guests will not earn points on items paid with cash or credit card at time of purchase.

Redeeming Points

A member’s points will expire after five years. Loyalty members will receive statements showing their account balance and activity.

Terms & Conditions

  • Membership in the loyalty program is subject to program rules set forth below. By opening a membership or redeeming points you agree that you have read, understood and accepted these program rules.
  • The loyalty program does not apply to groups or corporate accounts.
  • The loyalty program is subject to change at any time in the discretion of management with notices of changes to be posted on the web site from time to time where members may access and review them at their convenience. Changes may include but are not limited to modifying point classifications, changing overall program structure, addition of blackout dates, and limiting rooms available through redemption of points.
  • The Greenbrier reserves the right to terminate the loyalty program at any time, but will provide its members with a six month written notice.
    • Six months after the written notice has been sent out all points will expire. No points will be redeemable after the termination date.
  • Employees are not eligible for rewards through this program.
    • Point classes will run according to a calendar year. You will be reclassified, during a calendar year, if and when you reach the next tier’s point threshold; however on January 1st of each year classes will be reassigned based on points earned during the preceding calendar year.
    • Until further notice, all loyalty points will be calculated solely based on room folio dollar amount (that is, amounts billed to and included on the member’s room account). Items paid for in cash or by credit card at different venues and not charged to the room, will not be credited towards the program. However, you may charge purchases to your room and then pay with cash or credit card upon checkout.
    • Items purchased during your stay and returned after checkout will be deducted from your point value.
    • Points may only be redeemed upon guest’s next visit or subsequent visits.
    • Points redeemed for rooms will be given rewards based on the category they are classified within at the time of redemption.
      • Greenbrier Level guest can redeem points for a Traditional Room.
      • Carleton Varney Level guest can redeem points for a Superior Room.
      • Presidential level guests can redeem points for a Deluxe Room.
      • Justice Level guests can redeem points for a Draper Suite.
    • Windsor Club
      • The Presidential Suite is excluded from all point redemptions including “best available room at check-in” reward.
      • Room night rewards, including “best available room at check-in” reward cannot be applied to any other Windsor Club rooms or suites.
      • If you would like you may upgrade to the Windsor Club for the established upgrade fee per night.
      • Room night rewards may not be collected to obtain access to the Windsor Club.
    • Packages
      • Room night rewards cannot be applied to any package rates, including but not limited to the Golf, Dining or Wintertime Package.
    • All items sent to a master bill (and thus not charged to the original room holder’s room account), will not be credited toward the original room holder’s loyalty account.
    • Only the eligible account holder may earn points for that member’s account. Rooms that are shared by two account holders will be credited to the individual that the reservation was created under.
    • Joint loyalty memberships are not permitted.  
    • Reservations made for families will have points allocated towards the name the reservation is made under. Transfer of points between members will not be permitted.
    • If a member attends a conference, the member will receive credit for any items charged to the room and paid for by the member at checkout. All items covered by the group will not be eligible for points.
    • No points will be earned on taxes, gratuities, Casino gaming or non-Greenbrier owned concessionaires.

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Terms & Conditions

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