Meditation & Healing 

Cari Cohen


Cari Cohen is a spiritual healer and teacher with over fifteen years of experience. She clears obstacles you haven’t been able to see or heal yourself. These obstacles can be fear, anxiety, stress or trauma-based. She also gives you resources to feel healthier, relaxed, secure and optimistic. Cari is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and has certifications in Physical and Spiritual Healing of Trauma with Steven Weiss, DO and Hatha and Kundalini Yoga with Kia Miller. Follow Cari's blog for meditations.



Offered Daily by Appointment

Personal Journey
Be in your power. Release old thought patterns causing anxiety, stress and fear. Clear obstacles preventing you from moving forward or feeling better. Your session may include direct or channeled Spiritual guidance, healing, meditation or shamanic journeying.

“I told a therapist friend of mine recently, that (Cari) ‘saved my life’ last winter and truly she did. She gave me the insight that I needed…. My heart felt cleansed… Her services are diverse yet individualized, you will not leave disappointed.”    ~ Judi, Lewisburg, WV

Chakra Clearing
Chakras are energy centers in the body. Healthy chakras support stability, personal power, creativity, reproduction, love, passion, self-expression, intuition, objectivity, physical healing and Divine Connection. Channeled healing and guidance are used to help clear blocks in the chakras.

"The results were incredibly powerful… It was such an amazing experience. I came (to The Greenbrier) with incredible tension in my neck and shoulders, a block really, and since I left, it hasn't returned. My creativity and openness has expanded…"   ~ Randy, Richmond, VA

Guided Meditation
Feel calm. Be present. Find peace from within. Receive guidance in mindfulness or self-healing practices tailored to your needs. Your meditation can be recorded. You don’t need to be able to clear your mind of thoughts or sit on the floor.

“I enjoyed an amazing session with (Cari).  I continue to enjoy the meditation…  I feel I have been changed and it was a difference I realized immediately following our session… It is all really quite wonderful!”   ~ Janis, Columbus, OH

Meditative Movement

Release pain and tension with simple movement. Deepen awareness of your breath and body. This can be easier than sitting or lying meditation.

“My favorite experience (at The Greenbrier) was the experience with Cari Cohen in the spa.”
~ Anonymous review of The Greenbrier on TripAdvisor

Corporate Meditation
Reduce stress. Relieve pain and tension. Increase focus, productivity and inspiration. Practice mindfulness and being present. Learn simple movement for the office or travel. 15-30 minute sessions may be available for corporate meetings.

“I awoke this morning for the first time in years with no pains or discomforts and a ‘rest full mind’!!!"   ~ Sue, Pensacola, FL

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” is one of the deepest and most powerful forms of meditation. It’s said to be more restorative and relaxing than any other activity, including actual sleep. You’ll be guided in a systematic approach to access your  subconscious and unconscious for greater awareness, insight and relaxation. You’ll receive a recording of your session so you can continue your practice at home.

“(Cari) helped me get unstuck and I am grateful for that.  I started getting back into yoga and feel much better as a result.  It's amazing how much inertia takes over and all that's needed is movement to create momentum... it's that easy and that difficult.” ~ John, Raleigh, NC

Sound Healing with Mantra
Learn and practice Mantra meditation specific to your needs. Mantras are ancient sounds recorded by sages thousands of years ago. Mantra can be used for health, relaxation, energy, clarity, confidence, patience or removing obstacles. It’s a powerful healing tool you’ll be able to use over and over again to create personal and global change.

“No doubt it was ‘divine intervention’ that we met Cari at The Greenbrier and we are thankful that our paths crossed. Cari is a great guide. She is so gifted and special.” ~ Charles & Michelle, Annapolis, MD

Additional Yoga Offerings


The Greenbrier Spa


$195*/ 50 minutes
$250*/80 minutes
Couples, group or corporate sessions may be available for an additional fee.



* plus Historic Preservation Fund and applicable taxes.