The Bunker

The Bunker at The Greenbrier

The secret is out! The declassified Bunker at The Greenbrier is a must-see experience that takes you behind the scenes and walks you through a fascinating period in the resort's history. Carved deep into the mountainside beneath our West Virginia Wing is an emergency Cold War fallout shelter. Once a top secret U.S. government relocation facility for Congress, The Bunker is now open to anyone interested in reliving a legendary piece of The Greenbrier history. Bunker Tours provide a unique and in-depth look behind the hidden doors and let you explore an aspect of The Greenbrier that no other resort can claim.  Reserve your place in our history today!

New Meeting Rooms

Looking for a non-traditional meeting space or event location? The Greenbrier can assist with meetings or events in The Bunker using a James Bond, M*A*S*H or Murder Mystery theme! The five meeting rooms in The Bunker - Knowland, Johnson, Rayburn, Stewart and Martin - were added in 2006 and named for the leaders of the House and Senate as well as the Architect of the Capitol when the project began in 1956.  Click here for details.

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