Atlantis Leather


Find unique leather goods, jewelry, sand art pictures, retro wooden toys, 3D animal puzzles, decorative Mardi Gras masks, musical instruments and more. Featuring lightweight fine leather bags, wallets, journals, messenger bags and more. Located at The Art Colony Shops on Alabama Row.

Featured Art

Chinese Neolithic Beads:
Ancient Hong Shan culture jade bead necklaces. These traditional Chinese oriental necklaces made from authentic jade, jadeite, or marble compliment any outfit.
Exotic Sands:
Each moving sand art pictures is crafted with pristine sands sourced from around the world including black sand from the West African Coast, powder white sand from the shores of the Caribbean, emerald green sand from coastal South America, and coral pink sand from Southern Utah and beautifully framed in Alder, Cherry and Anodized aluminum frames. These high-quality fun creations combine time, gravity, liquid and matter to form colorful works of art to enjoy at home, office or to give as a gift.  
Einbender Studios:
Leather art purses. This unique line of hand molded cow skin bags from Einbender Studios are individually wet formed over castings made from original sculptures. Setting them with heat permanently bakes in the impression while hand-dying and waxing enhance the feel of fine leather.