Main Dining Room Manager & Sommelier

Thomas Kirby


Born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia, Thomas Kirby knew right away where his passion stood. He traveled to Greenbrier County, West Virginia for an opportunity that would completely change his life. Thomas began his career with the Greenbrier as a server assistant. His hard work, dedication and willingness to learn were attributes that separated him from everyone else. From busing tables, running food, serving the guest, bartending and selling wine. Thomas not only worked his way through every position within the front of the house, but he also mastered the craft for each one as well. His philosophy was, “If it’s not perfect, then it’s not right!” Thomas has always been his biggest critic which is what gives him the drive that he displays to this day. Thomas became the Manager and Sommelier for the Greenbrier’s most formal fine dining restaurant within only three years of working for the company. Thomas not only leads the restaurant operations for the Main Dining Room, but he also leads the most prestigious award-winning wine program within the Greenbrier Resort.