Signature Services

Each spa service is designed to pamper you...


 The Greenbrier Treatment

Experience the Greenbrier Spa in the truest sense of the word. This treatment begins with a soak in the famous healing waters of our White Sulphur Springs, followed by a few moments in our Swiss Shower and Scotch Spray. This will break up toxins and cellular blockage, which will prepare your body for either a 25-minute or 50-minute Swedish massage that is a spectacular finale to this luxurious treatment.
80 minutes (with 50-minute massage), $250  
50 minutes (with 20-minute massage), $190

Golfer's Game Saver

A combination treatment focusing on those over-used muscles associated with your active lifestyle. Begin with a soak in the famous Greenbrier sulphur waters, followed by a Swiss shower and Scotch spray. Warm heat packs will assist in the completion of this treatment, with a concentrated massage targeted specifically to your areas of concern.
50 minutes, $195

The Detox Kur

Remove the impurities from your life by eliminating the toxins from your body. Embark on a journey to a healthier you with our detoxifying bath, followed by our Swiss Shower and Scotch Spray. A botanical mud wrap draws impurities from the body while balancing the skin and improving elasticity. Finish with a petite mineral-infused massage.
80 minutes, $240

Rejuvenation Kur

Everyday living takes its toll on our bodies and this treatment makes it possible to reclaim much needed serenity and energy. Start your experience with a soak in our mineral water followed by an application of our firming and toning wrap. You will be enveloped from head to toe while enjoying a luxurious scalp massage. An anti-aging petite massage leaves your skin soft and supple, ready for another day!
80 minutes, $240


Wei to Wellness                                          

Embark on an aromatic journey with this exotic flower essence treatment from Lotus Wei (pronounced way). In this all-in-one treatment, flower remedies are used to help balance the mind, body and spirit. Begin with a soak in our famous Greenbrier sulphur water infused with nurturing and centering botanicals chosen specifically for your current needs. Enjoy an 80 minute massage using luscious organic oils to help enhance love, happiness, inspiration and peace. All products used in this treatment are also anti-aging and anti-cellulite to help you on your Wei to Wellness.
110 minutes, $275

Sweet Tea Simplicity

Step back with us to a simpler time when the relaxed tradition of afternoon tea was an everyday activity. Your journey begins with a soak in our famous sulphur water. You will then be whisked into softness with our sweet tea sugar polish infused with notes of ginger and peach. This treatment concludes with a shea butter body massage leaving you with peaceful memories of summertime in the south.
80 minutes, $240

Massage 101

Learn basic massage techniques to help ease tension and stress. Our knowledgeable massage therapists will show you how to target areas that specifically concern you and your partner or loved one. This instructional service for two will make you feel like you can face whatever is on the horizon!
80 minutes, $200

Reflex Trio

This service begins with a tranquil mineral bath and continues in the treatment room, where the focus is on the pressure points of the head, hands and feet. Warm stones are used to access reflex points to soothe corresponding areas of the body.
50 minutes, $195

A Greenbrier specialty


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We strongly recommend that Spa, MedSpa and Clinic appointments be arranged when booking your room. If you have a request as to the gender of your provider, please mention this at the time of reservation as we schedule our services with the first available provider. Please note that once appointments are made, 24-hour cancellation notice is requested to avoid charges.