President's Estate House

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The President's Estate House at The Greenbrier is a magnificent, hilltop accommodation with a commanding view of the lush landscape and the historic Springhouse. A superb setting for a large family or group seeking privacy, luxury and convenience. Elegance and comfort are combined in the house, which was originally built in 1912 by a captain of industry as his private family residence. Original works of art and exquisite furnishings are featured throughout.

The house has four bedrooms on two levels, each with private bath. Guests also enjoy two kitchens, living room, dining room, parlor, sunroom, two porches and a patio. Private catering is also available.

Type: Estate House | Bedrooms: 4 | Accommodates: 8 | Entertains: 200  

Floor Plan:

Please call 855-453-4858 (option 4) to book your room.