Art of Gaming

Featuring Art Kusakull, The Greenbrier’s Casino Club Gaming Guru

Learn the game of Blackjack and how to have fun at the same time:

  • Recognizing what type of game you’ll be playing
  • Understanding the minimum bet
  • Learning how to “buy-in” at the table and the value of the chips
  • Cashing in your chips – The most important part!
  • Gaming lingo and etiquette

Art will teach you:

  • Rules of the game and your goal
  • When to touch and not touch your chips
  • Where to place your bets and betting options
  • Basic strategy of the game
  • When it’s time to leave!

Contact us today at 877-647-2339 for more information.

This is a fun time for your home party or business using only fun chips (no cash value).

Group size is limited to 36.