Spring Row Legacy Cottages Restoration

Thank you for helping preserve The Greenbrier for the future.

The Greenbrier Springhouse 1878The Spring Row Legacy Cottages were given their name because of their proximity to The Greenbrier Springhouse and are situated where some of the earliest accommodations at The Greenbrier were built decades before the Civil War.  The legacy cottages closest to the main hotel replaced Georgia Row, which provided the architectural inspiration for the current Spring Row. The legacy cottages at the western end of the row replaced Young Buck’s Row, the nineteenth century bachelor accommodations, and Wolf Row, the nightly gambling establishment. 

Spring Row Legacy Cottages

The Historic Preservation Fund is collected to preserve and protect landscapes, buildings, and amenities that have played a meaningful role in The Greenbrier’s past while carefully integrating continuous improvements for the future. The restoration of the Spring Row Legacy Cottages will continue through the winter of 2016.


Spring Row Legacy Cottage Interiors

Each Spring Row Legacy Cottage features a spacious porch, fireplace, parlor, wet bar, dressing area and large bathroom. Cottages are furnished with either one king bed or two double beds as well as a sofa bed.


Spring Row Legacy Cottage Construction

Thank you for helping preserve The Greenbrier for the future.