Assistant Executive Pastry Chef 

Devin Cowan

Devin began his culinary journey at the Louisiana Culinary Institute in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was after graduating in 2012 with a degree in Culinary Arts, concentrating in Baking and Pastry, that Devin applied and was accepted as a Pastry Cook at The Greenbrier Resort. Soon after he began working at the Greenbrier, he started to assist Executive Pastry Chef, Jean-Francois Suteau in his World Chocolate Masters endeavor, after much persistence. It was then that Devin fell in love with the techniques and the art of chocolate. His obsession with working with chocolate pushed him to work and practice tirelessly to learn and develop this skill. Soon after that, he was accepted as one of the first two candidates in the Greenbrier Pastry Apprenticeship Program, under the direction of Jean-Francois Suteau. He completed the program in January 2016.
In June 2016 Devin was promoted to Assistant Executive Pastry Chef at The Greenbrier Resort. It was also around this time that he and Chef Suteau felt that Devin should begin his career in pastry competition. Soon after, he was accepted as a competitor in the US Selection for the World Chocolate Masters, competing against 4 other chefs for the title. In April 2017, he traveled to Chicago to compete, returning back to West Virginia with 1st place in Showpiece, 1st place in Fresh Patisserie, and 2nd place overall awards. He is currently gearing up for his next competition, and focusing on developing awesome pastries for the resort!

The Greenbrier Culinary Team