Pursue upland birds including flushing chukar and ringneck pheasant on a nearby wing-shooting preserve. Located 45 minutes from The Greenbrier, Stoney Brook Plantation Wing Shooting Preserve offers a variety of half-day or full-day private hunts during the fall and winter months. 


Please call 855-453-4858 (Option 1) for reservations and additional information.


Rates vary. Please call 855-453-4858 (Option 1) for additional information.



All hunts include transportation, guide and hunting dogs. Shotguns are available with advance notice. Hunting boots and brush/briar pants are recommended. Birds can be cleaned, frozen and stored at The Greenbrier until your departure.


Due to the nature of this outdoor activity, time and availability are subject to change on short notice based on weather and hunting conditions.

Open Monday to Saturday from mid-September to late-March. Closed on Sundays.


Participants must be at least 16 years old.